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Volume V - Icom IC M802 Starting from Scratch -2nd Edition

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The 2nd edition of this book includes a complete copy of "Icom IC M802 Made Simple for Cruisers" 2nd edition and covers the changes for the new SN11xxxx units. This books organization has been modified to further simplify the procedures.

 Overview:  The installation section is good information for all Marine radio installs.

“Icom IC M802 Starting from Scratch” is for cruisers who want to buy and install an HF SSB radio. This is a one stop shopping book that covers HF SSB basics; Ships Licensing; purchase the right parts; installation the parts right; configuration of radio; testing the system; and setting up your HF SSB email.

 Hiring someone to install your radio can be very expensive and in many cases installed poorly. Even if you hire someone to install your radio, the book will provide you with checks to make sure you have a good installation. A check sheet is provided so you or anyone else does not miss an important step.

 If you are planning to buy an HF SSB radio or just getting ready to install one, you will save time and money if you have read and follow this book before installation.

 As an added plus, this book contains three discount coupons worth $120.00 for the system. Buying the book and using the coupons, makes this book more than free. . . . . . . .

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