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Volume III - Icom IC M802 Made Simple for Cruisers - 2nd Edition

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High Frequency Single Side Band (HF SSB) using the Icom IC M802 is the best way to stay out of trouble at sea and a necessary tool for Cruisers. HF SSB is a one to may communications and with the M802’s Digital Selective Calling capability, a distress could be heard around the world. The 2nd Edition also provides information on the changes found on the serial # 111xxxx models radios. (Sold starting 2014)

 “Icom IC M802 Made Simple for Cruisers” is intended for cruisers that have an IC M802 installed. The book provides very simplified operating procedures supported with color graphics that provide steps by step operation of the M802.

 *** If you are in the process of buying and installing an IC M802, the best book for you is my volume 5, “Icom IC M802 Starting from Scratch”. Volume 5 contains the procedures in this book and will guide you through the process of buying, installing and testing of the M802, plus HF SSB email setup.

 The goal for all the Made Simple for Cruisers books is to make a complex subject simple for non-technical people. Made Simple for Cruiser books are sold in non English speaking countries as the graphics design makes simplifies how to operate the radio.

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